Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Mullahs and Their Bomb

Evil forces destroy, torture and kill. They shout words of hatred against other races and urge their followers to kill anyone who is different. The evil men running Iran are plotting and building. They are rushing to build a nuclear bomb because they realize the bomb building from within.

Iran's Government has gone from one small group of elitists to another group of more fanatic elitists. The current hypocrits had the audacity to rename our landmarks after the persian word for "freedom", although we have far less freedom now. Iran's new president has passed a law designed to keep the people happy, while the EU wastes time and money.

We cannot rely on outsiders to control our fanatical government. If we want freedom, we have to fight for it ourselves. We can do this outside of Iran or from within. There are sevearl thousands of Iranian bloggers. Some have been jailed, others will surely be murdered. The Godless mullahcracy of Iran has assassinated more of its own people than any other country. They may jail us if we are in Iran, or try and kill us if we are outside, but they will never silence all of us.

The time has come to arm the student movement in Iran. When will the world's leaders realize that time is running out. An invasion is out of the question. Iran will fall from within. Its just a matter a time. I know that. You know that. And the mullah's know that, which is why they NEED their bomb.


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