Friday, August 26, 2005

Pure Evil

Before the 1979 revolution, Khomeini preached about a free and democratic Iran without corruption. Without fear of the Savak dragging you to jail in the middle of the night. As modern as the Shah may have been, he too was guilty of Human Rights abuses. But back then, even the most democratic nation in the world had a civil rights issue on their hands.

The Mullahs promised free water, free gas, subsidized industry, abundant jobs and a social state. The little people all came hoping for a more free Iran. The slogans of the revolution were independence, Freedom, and Islamic Republic. These hypocrits even had the audacity to rename a famous landmark in the capital to the freedom tower after the revolution.

How dare they insult our intelligence. In Iran, you could be punished to death for holding up a bloody T shirt. Just reminding the clerics of their abuses pisses them off so badly that they would actually kidnap you in the middle of the night, throw you in jail, throw your face in shit, and then beat you until you confess.

They actually tell you that "the truth will set you free", but beat you until you have no choice but to confess. These mullahs are the most evil you can find anywhere. Khameni is nothing more than an illiterate undereducated King of Iran. This man and his clan are the most backward Iranians in the whole country. If there were trailers in Iran, these people would be the trailer trash.

Yet they live rather well. And every single one of them is a corrupt millionaire with the mindset of an Islamic Pat Robertson. Yet the parade around as liberators, yet deep down inside they know they are all hypocrits, worse than communists, worse than the Shah, and in some ways worse than Saddam.

They are just a small minority that happened to trick an entire country into allowing them to take power. And like all things, what goes up must go back down. Its just a matter of time before the Islamic government in Tehran fails. But I hope its before the current king is dead.

And here is a personal note to our grand supreme Islamic Leader; whatever happened to "Thou Shalt Not Murder".


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