Monday, August 29, 2005

The Seperation of Iraq

The new Iraqi Charter has paved the way for sectarianism and holy war. We are giving Shia's, Sunni's and Kurds an incentive to further seperate. Iraq has had enough seperation and racism in its past. Either create a small state for the Kurds, and another for the Arabs or one state for all Iraqi's. Nationalism can be enough of a call to war, but to seperate Iraq's people by their denomination of Islam is absurd.

Besides the system of federalism laid down for the Iraqi people, the rest of the charter is very politically correct. Its kind of like we are trying to give every single group what they want, and by doing that, we are taking away from the Sunni's. The charter does state that militia's are banned, but try disarming that guy with the rocket launcher. At least one AK in every home? A different"people" and government in the north and south? And throw in oil money to boot! In Texas, they call them fightin words.


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