Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Should Iran Face Sanctions?

The International Atomic Energy Agency has approved a resolution demanding that Iran suspend all nuclear activities, or face UN Sanctions. How come Israel has never been threatened with sanctions for the 500 plus nuclear arsenal?

However much I hate the current government of Iran, I do believe that they have a right to use nuclear power. Oil is dirty and anyone who knows anything about Tehran knows how dirty the air can get. Iran is not a 3rd world country. We should not be denied the right to advance our technology.

The audacity of another country to tell us that we don't "need" nuclear power. The US didn't need to invade Iraq, but they did it anyway. Israel didn't need to give incentives for settlers to move into captured lands, but they did it anyway. Even though its against international law...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran's nuclear program is designed, among other things, to develop nukes. That's obvious. Iraq had none, N. Korea did. What was the lesson learned in 2003 about international peace and security? Exactly.

I think it's a terrible, terrible mistake for anyone to place their hopes in weapons of mass destruction. Whereas you have some work to do in Iran, we (I'm writing this from France) have a lot of work to do too.

People wouldn't be in such a rush to develop a nuclear deterrant, if they believed that western societies could contain the threat from Washington, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, etc...

1:42 AM  
Blogger IRAN AZADI said...

I also do think that the Mullahs do want to build nuclear weapons. They have even bluntly stated before that they would gladly kill all 6 millions Jews in Israel and suffer millions in Iranian casualties.

This small group of psychotic fanatics are suggesting genocide. And the percentage of the 80+ million Iranians around the world that agree with this group of simple-minded fanatics is....less than one percent.

Nuclear weapons have power. This is why Israel still exists today. There is nothing more powerful than the threat of wiping out another civilization. The mullahs are the most power hungry group in the world. Down with the theocracy! Before they get a bomb...

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