Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Worth Fighting For

Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. These simple words are reason enough to love the United States. If all the world’s governments were to realize this, Fundamentalism would fade and war would be extinct. The core of religious fundamentalism is parallel to the belief of divine right. The same absurd lie used by Kings of past to rule and oppress their own people is being used by these fanatics today. As if beheading innocent civilians and brutally murdering your own people was the will of God.

Muslims around the world must recognize the lunacy of their leaders and reject the backwardness of fundamentalism. For those who wish to control you are blindly leading you to believe that God would condone such murder. Thugs such as al-Zarqawi aren’t fighting for anyone’s freedom. They fight for power and control of millions, which they secretly refer to as useful idiots. God created the laws of the universe, and gave us the rules to which we should live by. He left the rest up to his people to figure out. Forgive those who misguidedly try to liberate you, but realize that freedom is the greatest gift one can give another, and its God's gift to us.

The death of Arafat brings optimism to the Middle East. Call Israel what you will, but she is the most liberal nation in this very important region. There will never be peace as long as there are tyrants because only a democracy is able to make. All eyes will be on the Palestinian people the next several months, for only they have the power and must be held accountable for the type of government they choose. A free and democratic Palestine is the only hope for peace; not a fascist or theocratic state.

The same fanatics have been successfully controlling my native country of Iran for 25 years. An entire generation of Iranian youth has been forced into religious submission by an evil so clever, so great that it's hard to believe they get away with it by excusing their actions as God's will. The Iranian government once said it would be "worth it" to fight a nuclear war with Israel because it would be easier to wipe Israel's 6 million Jews from the map than to nuke all 70 million Iranians. When will we as Iranians realize the intentions of our leaders?

Guns and bombs will never make peace. Peace takes a willing people, and I know whole heartedly that the majority of the Muslim world is willing to rise up and take what's theirs. Bush's biggest mistake would be to foolishly invade Iran because the responsibility of regime change is on the people. We learned this from Iraq. Why invade another country who is feverishly working on a nuke just so that it could defend itself from the US, when you could simply support a few dissident groups for the fraction of the money?

Several excellent Iranian language satellite TV stations in southern California broadcast directly into millions of Iranian homes every day. These stations are run by wealthy Iranians and are not seen as a government mouthpiece. However, these stations lack the resources to stay on the air for more than a few hours a day. For the price of one high tech bomb, the American government could invest in bringing freedom to yet another nation without even firing a single shot.

What we need in Iran is a great leader to emerge, not another invasion. I admit the shame I sometimes feel of being Iranian. But not because of the nuclear ambitions of my country or the insanity of its government, but because of the vast majority who stand idly by and watch the paint dry. To my fellow Iranians, I beg of you to pour into the streets. Never forget that freedom isn’t just worth fighting for, but the only thing worth dying for. If only one million of Tehran’s 12 were to march to Baharestan Square, there would be no need for bloodshed. Khameini and his cronies would spoil their pants, and then catch the next flight to Paris, guaranteed.

Only one question remains; are we willing to sacrifice for the future of our people? The Bush administration could help answer this question, but the majority of the responsibility remains with the Iranian people.


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