Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bassij Militia Wants a Repeat

The British embassy was attacked by Islamist thugs. All this of course is OK with the Supreme Leader. He doesn't care if a few Brits get hurt and probably enjoyed it when the students called for a repeat of the US embassy sacking.

But if a few thousand students get together and simply ask for their freedom, well then there is hell to pay. And these hypocrits talk about islamic justice.


Blogger Rosemary said...

I heard that these were Hezbollah that were there doing the protesting, not students! They cannot even get their students to support them.

While I'm sure some do, most do not. That is why the majority of times there are protests for freedom. It is amazing, however, that we learn about this protest and not the others!

I hold our press responsible for the oppression of the Iranian people. If only they would tell would tell the truth about Iran's Mullahs, North Korea's Kim Jung Il, and Syria's Assad. Maybe, just maybe, they would feel the pressure the USA always has to endure "because we are not treating people right."

Do you know that the people at Gitmo eat much better than our own people? What are we supposed to do with people that try to kill us? Kiss their feet? NO WAY! Yuck! :)

2:12 PM  
Blogger IRAN AZADI said...

Well, the Bassij Militia is paid and supplied by the Iranian government. If this were students for Democracy, they would have been shot at by the Police.

If this was a group of students wanting to protest the government peacefully, they would have never gotten a protest permit.

Its so unbelievably corrupt that many in Iran feel as if there is no use to protesting.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Farzad said...

IRI has never been about justice!
We'll show them what justice is all about, one day.
Cheers :)

9:41 PM  

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