Friday, September 23, 2005

The Face of Evil

Just look at this pathetic man. Doesn't he just look like he would do something like order the killing of 30,000 of his own people? His eyes insist he was guilty of hanging kids as young as 12 on cranes, from 9 to 5 until the number reached 30,000. When you tell people its OK to have sex with
babies and barnyard animals,
there must be something wrong with you.

I'm afraid to ask why people would blindly follow that man. Surely everyone in Iran must know about his numerous massacres. The people cannot be as backward as he was. Here is the poll I want to see in Iran. Of course, the person who took this poll would be executed immediately under the "spirit of the islamic revolution." Simply ask the people if they want the current government or a Democratic Republic. I'm betting over 80 percent of the people in Iran would like to see Khameini hang from a tree.

When you tell people its OK to go into a resturant and kill people because they are a different race or religion than you, its not just terrorism, its genocide. I mean seriously, what kind of a person would give a poor little village kid a plastic key, made in China of course, and tell them that he will go to heaven if he is killed while running through a mine field? What kind of a person would order a theatre full of families to be burned? Do Iranians not realize how evil this man is, or are they evil themselves? I don't think the followers of the revolution are evil, but I do know that they love money.

Its obvoius that all we did in 79 was switch kings. The one we have now is just more cruel and backward. Only kings claim they ge their power from God, the way "Ghomehini" did in 79. He was nothing more than a more backward Pat Robertson, except for he was able to convince enough of his breed to help him take over an entire nation. If the British and Americans were not so incompetent in the first place, we would have never had the pleasure of being rulled by the hypocrite murderous regime in Iran.

Public enemy number one is currently gearing up for war. I will soon have a detailed post on Iranian military power, but until then, think about this. Anyone who would order thousands of their own people to be executed would not blink twice about nuking millions of people he considers the enemy. As of now, I don't think military action would be a good idea. But I would not trust followers of a sheep fucker with a nuke. We will be FORCED to take out all Iranian nuclear facilities right before that day comes, so I hope by then the people of Iran will be brave enough to take matters into their own hands. Let those cowards try what they did in 88.

I wonder if our current rulers know how evil they are. I wonder if there really is a devil, and these people are really under his control? I wonder if the current islamic king really thinks he gets his power is granted to him by God. But when the day comes that somebody puts finally puts an M-16 to his head and blows his fucking brains out, he will know who's side God was on.


Blogger Rosemary said...

Very well stated. I know many people want to see the inside of Iran to take matters into their own hands. They do not want any help, just the support to be there for them afterward. We will be. We will set the political prisoners free. We will make sure all terrorists meet their demise. It has to be done in a fair way, though.

They may think we have lost by doing it this way, but we are not animals. However, I wish we were more agressive.

BTW, the centrifuges and the labs are scattered all over Iran and underground. We would need intelligence with pictures that could be confirmed of the destination. Then, we could make sure no innocent people get hurt. There are too many good Iranians. I do not want to lose even one. Just as I do not want to lose not one American. War is hell, so I've heard. It's also a *itch.

Thank you for your insight. Take care of yourself, and have a great day.

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure he is hell right now and waiting to see more of his Mulla friends like Khamenei to join him soon!

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Farzad said...

I love what Korosh said. Perfect.
Well said! Thank U :)

11:02 PM  

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