Friday, October 28, 2005

Religion vs. Idealogy

I've always said that religion has caused more death than any other reason, but I see now how this statement is flawed.

Ayatollah Sistani, one of Iraq's most senior Shia clerics has decided that Iraqi's should vote on who they want to. Unlike Ahmadinejad who has stated that his recent remarks were the voice of all Iranians, Sistani doesn't believe in the idea of mass brainwashing. Now this is a true holy man, who has told Iraqi's to do what God wants them to do; make choices based on their beliefs.

God has given us the fundemental right to choose to sin, or not to sin. We can choose to be religious or atheist, Muslim, Christian, Jew or whatever we like. I reject claims made by Iran that they are a just country. How can Iran's trailer trash government speak of justice when they think its OK to stone a woman for cheating on her husband, but not OK to watch an American movie.

So Ken is right in his last article. Religion isn't the problem at all. Its the idealogy. Islam's problem is that the extreme fundementalist "rednecks" if you will have taken over the government for their own personal gain. And its time we Iranians, and Muslims as a whole, take back our countries and religion.


Blogger Rosemary said...

I agree with you. Have you heard the latest? Daily Briefing on Iran has an article that is not being covered in the western media. I do not know why not, but it isn't.

I believe the Iranians deserve their freedom, and I admire those who are fighting for it. That includes you. :)

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Ardeshir Dolat said...

دوستان عزيز و هموطنان گرامي

دلارا دختر 19 ساله ايراني كه هنگام جرمي كه به او وصله شده فقط 17 سال داشت محكوم به اعدام شده است. ما كه هرگز هر چه اين دم و دستگاه فاسد و پر از رشوه و فاقد صلاحيت رژيم اسلامي به ما مي گويد باور نمي كنيم، چطور مي توانيم حكم دادگاه هايش كه از بيخ فاسدند را بدون كمترين اعتراضي قبول كنيم؟ خواهران و برادران و دوستان و هموطنان ما را به راحتي به قتل مي رسانند وما هيچ نمي گوييم. بياييد تا اين دستگاه رعب و وحشت رژيم را با حمايت و فشار هاي بين المللي از كار بياندازيم تا با ترس كمتري بتوانيم در مقابل اين رژيم فساد و ضد زن و ضد جوان و ضد بشري بايستيم و مقاومت كنيم.

دوستان اين شايد براي ما كه بسياري از اين گونه اعدام ها را ديده ايم و يا در موردش خوانده ايم اين هم يكي ديگر باشد و فردا همه بكار خويش برويم واين يكي هم بد ست فراموشي سپرده شود. اما وجدان خود را چه گونه مي خواهيم آرامش دهيم وقتي مي دانيم كه اين رژيم هموطنان ما را هرگاه كه بخواهد به راحتي جرم هاي بي پايه و بي اساس به آنها مي بندد و به قتل مي رساند؟
پس بياييم و از اين به بعد در مقابل حكم هاي اعدام هموطنانمان ولو اينكه به حكم فاقد صلاحيت رژيم مجرم شناخته شوند اعتراض كنيم.

لطفآ متني را در اين مورد در وبلاگتان قرار دهيد و مرا آگاه كنيد تابا يك حمايت گسترده در اين رابطه براي نجات جان دلاراي احتمالآ بيگناه قدمي مثبت برداشته باشيم. من متني را به انگليسي نوشته ام كه شما- اگر مي خواهيد- مي توانيد در وبلاگتان قرار بدهيد و يا بسليقه خودتان چيزي در اين رابطه بنويسيد و جامعه بين الملل را به حمايت فرا بخوانيد.

موفق باشيد

دوستار شما و دوستار حقوق بشر


Delaraa Darabi, a 19 year young Iranian girl, is sentenced to death by hanging by the Islamic regime’s incompetent courts. She was only 17 at the time of her alleged crime. However, her conviction may well be unsafe and doubtful as at the time, she was led to believe, by her boyfriend and an accomplice, that if she falsely confessed to the killing she would not be sentenced to death as she was under aged and they would both escape the death penalty. We appeal to the international organisations around the globe to intervene to stop this illegal state killing of Delaraa and at least demand a proper retrial of her case in which the entire evidence against her can be properly scrutinised by an experienced advocate and in the event of her being found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, her sentence be replaced with a lesser punishment. Needless to say that the death penalty against persons who committed their crime when under 18 is against the United Nations International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Iran signed that convention nearly 14 years ago and has ratified it.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't heard from you for while just wonderign how things are goinbg for you and hope to hear back from you.

Thank you,Korosh

4:00 PM  
Blogger Joseph Salomonsen said...

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Blogger Join me in Hope said...

Read about Shia Islam:

Things are about to get worst:
Mesbah might Replace the Supreme Leader:

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Blogger saggezard said...

Interesting thought. I like to say: religion has killed more than the deadliest known virus. I will rethink your idea through though. But for right now, just another thought: religion, ideology, beliefs, views, perspectives and similar concepts are all subjective, they are all fabricated by the mind of every individual. It is real in the mind but it is far from the external truth. Acceptance or rejection of concepts is a very personal matter. Mr. Sistani and Ahmadinejad both have similarly sick religious ideas expressed in the form of their words and actions but in fact they are running a very lucrative business using people's naivety or forcing them to conform to their ideas. In conclusion: beliefs, religion, ideology and etc. are all very private matters. They are best left to each individual to freely decide to accept or reject, in entirety or any level that one feels comfortable with.

Thanks to jump-start the thought, will think it through further.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked your article up until the point you said we Muslims need to take back the gov. You just don't get it. Irans future was destroyed after it was conquered by Islam around the 600's AD

So, if you are Muslim you need to get real and look deeper into doing away with this evil religion.

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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You have done a good job and I hope you will keep writing in the future because every little help is needed.

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