Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Iranian Cabinet Filled With Terrorists

Some may find it hard to believe that about 2500 years ago, Iran was the first country to declare universal human rights. But the backwards rulers of today's Iran are building a dam designed to wipe out Iran's surprising past. Iran's new rulers are more backwards than Cyrus the Great, who lived more than 500 years before the death of Jesus.

And then came Islam, forced upon us by the Arabs once the power and influcence of the Zoroastrian religion declined. Every year since then, Iran has become more backwards. We are ruled by people who think that its OK to kill teenagers that disagree with you, but its not OK for women to be out of their homes without covering their entire bodies. Its OK to send out 10 year olds to fight the Iraqi army, but its not OK to hold up a bloody T shirt of a student beaten by Government forces. Its OK to hang people from street posts, but its not OK to have sex before marriage. In fact, you could be executed for prostitution or adultry, but if you pay a mullah a fee, you could get a "temporary marriage license" for a few hours and do as you wish. No wonder five million Iranians are heroine addicts. We almost have as many addicts as Israel has citizens! But that's OK, because the goal of fanatic Islam is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

The reform movement in Iran is over. There never really was a reform movement. The entire movement was a joke, a puppet government, allowed to win by the regime. Now that the reform movement has been squashed, the new Iranian cabinet has been filled with anti dissident hard liners and terrorists.

Iran's new Interior Minister ordered a massacre of dissidents.

Our Islamic King grabs more power and orders more assassinations outside of the country. Our new defense minister was the commander of the 1,500-man strong "expeditionary force" in Lebanon. The same force responsible for attack on US Marines which killed 241 people.

You can argue that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, but what about Iranian freedom. Who fights for us? How dare our leaders tell us that the women of our country WANT Islamic dress. Is that why there have been reports of teenage girls setting themselves on fire rather than wear their hajib? How there they recruit suicide bombers from the country's poor and young? This is why I strongly believe that we are in the beginning stages of another revolution. All we need is a push from the west. God help the mullah's when the students of Iran are armed.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Mullahs and Their Bomb

Evil forces destroy, torture and kill. They shout words of hatred against other races and urge their followers to kill anyone who is different. The evil men running Iran are plotting and building. They are rushing to build a nuclear bomb because they realize the bomb building from within.

Iran's Government has gone from one small group of elitists to another group of more fanatic elitists. The current hypocrits had the audacity to rename our landmarks after the persian word for "freedom", although we have far less freedom now. Iran's new president has passed a law designed to keep the people happy, while the EU wastes time and money.

We cannot rely on outsiders to control our fanatical government. If we want freedom, we have to fight for it ourselves. We can do this outside of Iran or from within. There are sevearl thousands of Iranian bloggers. Some have been jailed, others will surely be murdered. The Godless mullahcracy of Iran has assassinated more of its own people than any other country. They may jail us if we are in Iran, or try and kill us if we are outside, but they will never silence all of us.

The time has come to arm the student movement in Iran. When will the world's leaders realize that time is running out. An invasion is out of the question. Iran will fall from within. Its just a matter a time. I know that. You know that. And the mullah's know that, which is why they NEED their bomb.

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Seperation of Iraq

The new Iraqi Charter has paved the way for sectarianism and holy war. We are giving Shia's, Sunni's and Kurds an incentive to further seperate. Iraq has had enough seperation and racism in its past. Either create a small state for the Kurds, and another for the Arabs or one state for all Iraqi's. Nationalism can be enough of a call to war, but to seperate Iraq's people by their denomination of Islam is absurd.

Besides the system of federalism laid down for the Iraqi people, the rest of the charter is very politically correct. Its kind of like we are trying to give every single group what they want, and by doing that, we are taking away from the Sunni's. The charter does state that militia's are banned, but try disarming that guy with the rocket launcher. At least one AK in every home? A different"people" and government in the north and south? And throw in oil money to boot! In Texas, they call them fightin words.

Iranian Bloggers

Students jailed for writing what they feel or think? This is a crime?
Here is a regime dictating what you can or cannot do, and the students
who write what they feel and beleive is a crime? I promise you this.
This won't go on for too long. However, I beleive that this has to be
done by the people for it to stick. Otherwise we will have another
Iraqi situation on our hands. Although I understand that it is needed,
I feel like the stage is being set for a true revolution in Iran.
There has to be more that we can do. Vision is set forth and carried
out by frustration.

Karate Explosion

Sunday, August 28, 2005

What if There Was Oil in Uganda?

Its hard to believe that in Africa, 40,000 children walk miles to sleep in the relative safety of towns to avoid abduction by rebel troops. Why don't we send a few hundred troops there? Where is the UN?

Why is it that we rather spend $550 million on Israeli settlers so that they can move out of land that never belonged to them in the first place, instead of spending half of that on starving children in Africa?

Well, from June 1993 to September 1994 they did have what they described as a "confidence-building mechanism" Jesus, no wonder the neo cons want to do away with the UN!

Its just all sad really. There is no oil in Uganda, so there is no reason to send troops there. Why spend billions on a war if there is no money to be made? Why the **** are the Chinese building roads in Afghanistan? Why do you think they were attacked? Think about it. These people, they don't have jobs. And a lot of them consider killing Americans a full time job, because they get PAID.

And by the way, I just want to remind Bush that Bin Laden is in Afghanistan, which has no oil, or grass on their golf course. Doesn't he get it? These people are poor! Let them build their own roads. Stop taking advantage of them. And in return they may be a lot nicer to us.