Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bassij Militia Wants a Repeat

The British embassy was attacked by Islamist thugs. All this of course is OK with the Supreme Leader. He doesn't care if a few Brits get hurt and probably enjoyed it when the students called for a repeat of the US embassy sacking.

But if a few thousand students get together and simply ask for their freedom, well then there is hell to pay. And these hypocrits talk about islamic justice.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Iran Embassy Bomb Blasts

There are not many details but two explosions were heard near the British Embassy in Tehran. Tonight was the sight of demonstrations called on by the Supreme Leader. Of course, when students get together and protest with no explosions or violence, police are ordered to fire upon them. But when paid members of the evil islamic militia beat women in the streets and maim, kill and even steal artwork, no one complains.

While Iran and Syria maim and kill those who stand in their way, we must figure out a plan to take on this evil in the future. I think we have had enough war. I agree with Bush that North Korea, Syria and Iran are run by evil tyrants. I agree that their regimes should be changed. While evil men plot, we must stay one step ahead of them.

In other news, looks like the evil JDL which I always knew to be a terrorist group is going down for good.

Chaos in Basra

I recently made a statement about British troops and their rescue operation. I want to take this criticism back. Read this article to find out why we need more troops like the British in Basra.