Friday, October 28, 2005

Religion vs. Idealogy

I've always said that religion has caused more death than any other reason, but I see now how this statement is flawed.

Ayatollah Sistani, one of Iraq's most senior Shia clerics has decided that Iraqi's should vote on who they want to. Unlike Ahmadinejad who has stated that his recent remarks were the voice of all Iranians, Sistani doesn't believe in the idea of mass brainwashing. Now this is a true holy man, who has told Iraqi's to do what God wants them to do; make choices based on their beliefs.

God has given us the fundemental right to choose to sin, or not to sin. We can choose to be religious or atheist, Muslim, Christian, Jew or whatever we like. I reject claims made by Iran that they are a just country. How can Iran's trailer trash government speak of justice when they think its OK to stone a woman for cheating on her husband, but not OK to watch an American movie.

So Ken is right in his last article. Religion isn't the problem at all. Its the idealogy. Islam's problem is that the extreme fundementalist "rednecks" if you will have taken over the government for their own personal gain. And its time we Iranians, and Muslims as a whole, take back our countries and religion.

"Wipe Israel Off the Map"

For over 25 years, Iran's leaders have been calling for the destruction of Israel and it's pretty clear what Iran's "president" wants to do. I have no doubt in my mind now that Iran is working on a nuclear bomb. Every day, it becomes more obvious.

Khomeni has stated before that nuclear war with Israel would be worth it because it would be easier to kill 6 million Jews than it would be to kill 75 million Iranians.

And this is supposedly a man of God? I just don't see how millions of people could follow this man blindly and actually think that he is a good man. Religion is supposed to be a guiding light for man. Religion was preached to the masses so that man can better himself, not preach hate agains fellow man.

I just don't understand how someone can say that they are a religious person when they state that they want to kill 6 million other people. Why? Because they look different? Because their noses may be bigger, or their hair curlier? Don't these idiots see that Jews and Iranians are almost the same ethnic background? We're practially cousins for God's sake! I understand that family always fights when they are supposed to love each other, but for a president of a country to say that he wants to wipe another nation off the map is just ludacris.

If anyone has read my articles in the past, they know that I'm not a big fan of Israel, but nothing Israel will ever do will summon me to threaten genocide.

But I remain optimistic. Every day, more freedom is taken away from Iranian citizens. I'm hopeful that one day, Iranians will stand up and say enough is enough! Either we take back our own country, or we risk WWIII with China and Iran. Iran has global ambitions. Their jealousy of Israeli power is obvious, and something must be done to stop these lunatics before the world is blown apart.